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Time for a traditional "I aten't dead" post! Sorry, LJ. I read you faithfully, but I am terrible about commenting and posting. I've also experimented with various social-media-vacation periods, which showed me how stressful Twitter is. To me, at least; other people have probably mastered the 'dip in as you have time, let the rest flow past.' I always feel like I'm failing if I can't keep up with every single tweet. There you go, an alternative title for this post: Confessions of a Twitter Failure.

In (arguably) non-fail news, I start classes on Tuesday! It will be six years to the week since I graduated with my first bachelor's degree.

(A pause here to stare into the distance with a stoic expression)

I did settle on the Communication Disorders path, not nutrition/dietetics, because I already spend so much time dealing with my food restrictions and cooking that if I had to dedicate the rest of the day to everyone else's, I would go mad. So I'll spend the next two years finishing an undergrad degree in Comm Disorders, then (hopefully) two more years doing a master's to become a fully certified SLP (speech-language pathologist). I'm thinking I want to head more toward the injury/recovery path than early childhood intervention. I don't have anything against small children (except the monstrously ill-behaved ones), but I'd much rather work with all ages dealing with recovery from injury and other medical issues.

Backtrack slightly: I mentioned I spend a lot of time cooking. I may start posting some of that on LJ, now that I am out of the "This is marginally edible, I think?" phase and into "Hey, this tastes pretty good and actually resembles real food!". I mean, I still have some spectacular disasters, so don't worry, those would appear too. (The avocado-mayonnaise egg salad? Disaster. Terrible. And yet the avocado-mayonnaise potato salad? Delicious.)

Things I am ridiculously excited about:

Sept 2nd--new Martha Wells book! Stories of the Raksura Vol. 1 comes out, a pair of novellas set in (obviously) her Raksura world. Biology, complex non-human societies, people bantering while being competent!

Sept 9th--the anthology Monstrous Affections comes out! I'm primarily excited for this because it contains "Wings in the Morning", the capstone story to Sarah Rees Brennan's ongoing serial The Turn of the Story. Extremely grumpy Elliot goes to magic school, has Opinions about magicland, does not understand why everyone keeps trying to solve problems by hitting things with swords, wants to become magicland diplomat. Magicland: very dubious about this Elliot kid.

Sept 23rd--more Sarah Rees Brennan news: Unmade, the third of her Lynburn Legacy trilogy comes out. Angela is queen of my heart. (My heart clearly contains soft spots for grumps.)

O September, come swiftly!


I also plan posts on choir and running and writing, but I figured I wouldn't overwhelm people my first post back. "Hi, I've been gone nine months, here is EVERYTHING I'VE DONE! Also books."

Did I tell you about Vita Nostra? It's a fantasy novel by a pair of Ukrainian authors. It features a teenage girl who goes to magic school, except that makes it sound like Harry Potter. Vita Nostra is to Harry Potter as Eastern Promises is to The Godfather.
The beginning's a little rocky, but once it gets underway it's creepy and tense and un-put-down-able. The magic in the universe is alien and brilliantly incomprehensible. I'm just throwing adjectives down now, but really, I was impressed and enjoyed it greatly.