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What Was I Thinkin'

It's never a good sign when a Dierks Bentley song's refrain can describe your life. In this case I was not thinking of little white tank tops, but perhaps of chords. Or word roots. My comparison has fatally broken down at this point, so I will say straight-out: in the first week of classes I realized I had no interest in SLP work and changed to a double major in music and Biblical languages.

Cue the Dierks Bentley song.

This was a boggling decision on two fronts: 1) this will result in my eventually possessing THREE impractical degrees, and 2) we had already had a week of classes at that point. Last week I talked to the department dean with the notion of changing next semester.

DEAN: Well, if you're going to do it, you might as well do it now and not spend a semester on classes you don't need.
ME: But classes are already underway.
DEAN: Well, you have until Tuesday of the second week to swap them.
ME: It's Monday at noon.
DEAN: You should probably decide fast.

So the last week has been a mad scramble to catch up in three music classes and a higher-level Torah class. Also I added an hour of piano instruction a week and doubled my voice lessons. I no longer recall what sleep is, but despite that I'm loving everything so much I'm pretty sure I made the right decision.

(I'm not sure what my next step will be after these majors, but let me tell you, I will be thoroughly qualified to teach parrots to sing in Hebrew)


Love, imo, is the first requirement. Good for you!
Thanks! I felt about thirty pounds lighter after I made the decision. And hey, the ten years of piano lessons as a kid and teen are paying off, I guess!