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bird of paradise

First Choir Concert!

It went pretty well, I think. We got a standing ovation, so apparently the audience thought so too. Always a nice confirmation! No one fainted or fell off the risers, either, though the girl next to me did have to sit down very quickly at one point. I was worried I'd have a hypoglycemic episode, because there's nothing like close quarters, overheating, and exerting yourself for two hours to give you confidence in your blood sugar stability, but whew. Made it through without a hint of dizziness.

(My feet, on the other hand...I have never before had my feet actually go numb while standing, but I guess that is the magic of new patent leather heels. I couldn't feel anything below the ankle--I just prayed that I wouldn't lose my balance, tumble down six steps, and sprawl spectacularly onto the church floor.)

The quieter but still thrilling success of the night: Lancome lipstick. It is free of all soy, even the sneaky soy-derived chemicals that don't get labeled as soy. Which meant I wore it all evening without headache, stomachache, or abdominal cramps of the sort to make you curl up and reconsider this whole 'being alive' thing.* Yessssss.

So, in all: a good night! Now I will go collapse into sleep.

*Examples sadly not picked at random.